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  • Just a few years ago, mobile devices were the tools of business professionals. The PDA and smartphone giants were Palm and RIM, and these devices were largely restricted to business use. Today, however, smartphones are quickly becoming the mobile communication choice for personal use, with close to half of U.S. adults owning one. This widespread adoption means that more options are available, and devices are upgraded faster than before, with consumers often more able to keep up with the latest mobile technology than companies are. Because of this, many companies and employees alike began to realize the advantages of adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. Read more

  • When faced with making staffing decisions for a looming technology project, it’s time to consider whether to hire a full-time employee or utilize your existing staff. However, there is a third option that shouldn’t be overlooked: partner with a firm to fill your staffing needs with a consultant. Below are just a few of the benefits that companies can realize by bringing on a skilled, hand-picked consultant.
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  • As marketing and advertising moved into the digital age, websites became the central focus of most business’ promotional efforts. While a strong and effective web presence is still essential, advancing technology means that relying on a website may not be enough to reach your customers where they are. As technology shifts towards a widespread reliance on mobility, mobile apps are providing companies with the presence they need to reach customers on the go. In addition, mobile apps are also proving to be valuable tools that not only increase overall brand awareness, but can also increase current customer loyalty and retention. Below are five ways in which a mobile app can result in more loyal customers for your business.

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