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Hire ITFinding the right candidate to hire for your open IT Consultant position can be a difficult task. The position is a very in depth one that requires an employee with a deep and vast knowledge in the industry due to their experience, certifications and overall work ethic. It is one position that you cannot just say, “Let’s wing it” and pick someone because you like their personality. The candidate you hire must be able to contribute in multiple ways to your company, whether it’s through developing technology to improve a business process or to thoroughly, yet simply, explain systems to clients that will not have a great understanding of the proposed technology, making your company a strategic resource company for clients. Here at Infovision we can assist you through this entire process, read on to learn about what you should look for when hiring an IT professional.


When shuffling through hundreds of resumés don’t just jump on one because you see years of experience. Thoroughly read what their experience entailed at each position so that you can understand their background. Avoid hiring someone from a completely different field, such as the sports industry when you’re looking for someone to work with you in the finance industry. Do some research on the companies they’ve worked for; are they the same or similar size as your company? It may be hard for a candidate to transition from a larger Fortune 500 company to a small agency of ten or so people, and vice verse.


When hiring for a position in the IT field, a business intelligence strategy mindset is essential. Many people may think that thinking from a business standpoint is obvious when hiring, but often times people are too busy to thoroughly check a potential employee’s previous work and may just hire them based on reasons that should be non-factors. Be sure to ask for samples, think about how you would want your company to be represented. Since they are in the IT field, a candidate with a vast amount of experience most likely has developed their own applications or at least contributed to the development of one, whether it has to do with mobile application development or web application development, among others, but make sure you check it out for yourself.

Determine the success of their work and the quality, as well as whether or not you would be satisfied with that kind of work coming from your company. Also, ask the candidate if they are certified in the field at all, this can be an indication for whether or not they would be a solid contributor to your team and can verify the knowledge they claim to have.

Background Checks and References

When you have a team member in the IT department, they are going to have access to anything and everything you have about your clients and your company on the computers, so be sure to conduct a background check before hiring someone. Look out for candidates with a criminal history that includes crimes that relate to money or of course, violent crimes, since they will be working with clients.

Make sure that you ask for professional references that have worked with the candidate previously. Call them and ask questions about their performance, personality, attitude and if there were any problems while he or she was an employee at that location.


Get to know the candidates by surfing through social media outlets, or forums that relate to the industry. See if they have a presence or not, if they have a strong following on Twitter, Facebook or any other mobile applications than they fulfill the expectations of an IT professional’s social life; meaning that if you work in the IT field you should be involved in what’s going on in modern technology.

A great source is LinkedIn, see how many connections they have and what their interests are. If they have a large following and have a presence on the discussion boards related to IT then they are a credible candidate.


And finally, one of the most important factors you have to consider when hiring someone is to think about your strategic staffing process and determine if their personality would fit well within your company and with your clients. In the IT world, the consultant will have to work with fellow employees and communicate clearly to clients to remain a positive relationship. When checking with references make sure you also ask about whether or not the candidate had experience with clients and how successful he or she was at it.

To learn more about what to look for when hiring an IT professional through our dynamic staffing solutions and our IT staffing services, please contact Infovision today!

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