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Job: Software Engineer

Title Software Engineer
Job ID 01_04_2014
Location Richardson, TX
Required Skills SCRUM, AGILE, QXDM or XCAL
Date Posted 01/29/2014
Experience in years 2
Education Masters Degree
Start Date ASAP
Job Description

Perform mobile test execution, regression testing, functional system testing on Android application. Track & analyze test results and work closely with the developers to isolate and reproduce defects. Create & track bug reports. Develop and maintain automation tests. Participate in Agile Scrum activities. 
Execute, manage, and coordinate lab and field testing activities on VoLTE project. Execute test plans in the labs as well as field. Analyze log files and provide feedback and recommendations. Interface with local engineers and provide capability for network logging/debug sessions if necessary. Filter and propagate reported issues to appropriate internal contact, and contacts at the device OEMs. Manage test device software upgrades and carry out sanity testing of new test device software as needed. Process QXDM or XCAL logs using device log post processing software. Support other test teams with device setup and troubleshooting of data collection tools including hardware and software.

Salary: $75,000

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