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  • mobile appAs the digital world continues to take over the marketing and advertising for businesses, the ability to access a company’s information on a mobile device is extremely vital to maintaining customer loyalty. Mobile apps offer companies a way to reach those customers that are always on the go, giving the customers a quick resource to find exactly what they need. Providing them with access to your information, tools or services through your mobile app builds loyalty between the customer and the business, and the more loyal customers you have, the more success you’ll see.

    Make sure you go through a custom application development process to make sure the app shows your business the way you intend for it to. Here are some ways in which you can build customer loyalty through a mobile app:

    Make them feel appreciated.

    When customers are doing business with you or using your app as a source of information, the best thing you can do is show them you appreciate them. Don’t flood their phone with advertisements about downloading your app when they already have, rather target the customer and provide them with information that is relevant to them. Make them feel important through information they are accessing and the information they receive from you and they will continue to come back.

    Make sure you focus on their interests and get to know them on a more in depth level so that you can show them that your company continues to be exactly what they need. For example, if you’re an IT staffing service and your app provides job listings, send out information to the customers that are using your app that pertains to new job openings, tips for job interviews, etc.

    Give them incentives.

    Obtaining the customers email address can be a difficult task. Assure them that you are not going to flood their accounts with spammy emails, tell them that the purpose of providing their email address is for them to create an easy login account and for you to send deals and promotions. Always give them the option of opting out of email subscriptions. Consider asking them to sign up for text message alerts and explain to them how many you send out a month and what would be included.

    Consider creating a schedule that outlines when you’re going to send out your mobile emails and text messages. Make sure that you avoid bombarding them with both at once. Alternate days for emails and days for text messages and spread them out. You’ll begin to notice more and more customer loyalty if you give them the space they want from you by sending them deals or promotions only once or twice a month.

    Create content that provides them with what they need.

    There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re on the go and you need to find out information quickly and sufficiently, and the website or app is full of useless information that provides you with nothing you’re looking for. Think about that when you’re determining how you’re going to gain customer loyalty, think of the important information that isn’t going to waste anyone’s time if they read it. Consider how your target customer is the person on the go and needs answers fast.

    Create content that is engaging, eye-popping and always informative. Customers will always think of your app when they need information that you can provide because it’s reliable and easy.

    Make navigation easy.

    Along with providing informative content, providing easy ways to navigate throughout the app is also vital to its success and customer loyalty. A mobile app needs to be simple and easy to get through, yet still engaging and attractive looking. Even if the customer is using the app for just a few seconds, it should be an enjoyable and easy few seconds.

    The key to increasing your customer loyalty is to have a mobile app that is interactive and not overbearing. With the advances in technology and the push for everything to go digital, mobile apps are going to become more and more vital to a company’s success. If you haven’t created one yet, read about how to build a mobile strategy and then get to work!

    Mobile apps are great mobile marketing solutions that provide you with the result you desire if done right. Contact InfoVision for assistance, as we can help with iPhone app development, along with android app development and others such as the iPad and blackberry.


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  • Mobile AppWith more and more high tech smart phone devices surfacing each year, people are climbing aboard the mobile app train. Mobile applications make life easier for the user because they don’t have to use their computer or go to an actual website on their phone in order to find out any information about the product, service or company they are interested in.

    If you struggle between having a mobile app for your website and having a mobile friendly website, go the app route and have both! The majority of mobile device owners have some type of smart phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, and they use their phone for everything. One of the most frustrating things that can occur is when you are using your phone to surf the web and you visit a particular website, only to find out that it’s too difficult to navigate around because it’s not mobile friendly. Mobile apps are perfect for getting all of the information on the website out in a clean and easy-to-navigate manner.

    At InfoVision, we want to provide you with mobile app solutions and mobile app development tips to help you create the best app for your needs.

    Before creating your mobile application, you need a strategy.Here are some tips to follow:

    What to include in your mobile app

    The point of a mobile application is to make the navigation of a website on a mobile device easier by appearing in an application. Avoid trying to include every small detail that is on your main website and only stick with the important ones. The user is utilizing their mobile device instead of their computer because they’re on the go and don’t have time to navigate through an entire website. Decide which information is the most important and make that information easily accessible in a straight forward navigation pane once the app opens up. Some important aspects to include are:

    • Contact information
    • About us
    • Login section if applicable
    • Link to your website
    • Any section needed that adheres to your site in order for them to be able to complete a task or read what they are most likely looking for

    Don’t forget that the user interaction that you desire goes beyond the functionality and interaction the app has with its user since it also has a lot to do with the visual appeal. Make the user want to engage with the app based on how it looks. First impressions mean something when it comes to applications.

    Promoting your mobile app

    Your ultimate goal when creating your mobile app is for it to be accessible through the application stores on mobile and tablet devices. In order for your app to get recognized, you have to do your work promoting it. Once it is completed, you should begin to place ads for your mobile app among different platforms including the:

    • Website
    • Blogs
    • Emails
    • Newsletters
    • Social media, etc.

    A key to exposing your app on social media is having ‘share’ buttons on the app itself, allowing the users to share information they find from it as well as help it gain recognition.

    Once the creation of the app is completed and the continuous promotion of your mobile app is underway, it is essential that you keep your users interested. You want your mobile app to be the source that they go to when they have a problem or when they need the service you offer. Make sure you are constantly making updates and engaging with them.

    The key is to maintain your customers by making them want to keep your app and make it worth their time. As a result, they’ll do some free promoting for you by telling their friends and spreading the information about your mobile app through platforms such as social media.

    If you would like to learn more about creating a winning mobile app strategy, please contact InfoVision today! We specialize in android and iPhone app development along with Blackberry app development.
    All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. InfoVision,Inc. makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.
  • Mobile App PromotionsIf your business has been working hard to create the next great mobile app, you know it’s no walk in the park to go from startup to launch. Mobile app development takes time, know-how, lots of testing and good old-fashioned hard work. Once you’ve worked out the kinks, and it’s time to tell the world about it, you should have a solid plan in place to promote it.

    1. Make sure your app has a home base. Creating a unique landing page or website that focuses solely on your app is critical to your marketing efforts. This is the place to tell your story and share tips and tools that pertain to the app. This is especially important pre-launch, when you want to build interest in your product, since you need to drive traffic to one main hub.

    2. Tell everyone you personally know about it. Sounds pretty obvious, right? But you need to be organized about telling your story and should create a list of contacts from day one. Add new people to the list as you think of them. To make sure your app stays top of mind, keep people apprised of your progress.

    3. Reach out to influencers to tell your story. Early in the launch process (or even pre-launch) contact thought leaders in your niche and ask for their feedback. If you can persuade bloggers and other influencers to try your app and tell their followers and communities about it you’ll be ahead of the game.

    4. Promote and link to your app on existing sites. If you have an existing website and social sites put your new app launch announcement front and center and talk about it frequently (tweet about it and post to Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, etc.). Use social ads as well as promoted posts and tweets to bring brand awareness to your target market. Upload tutorial videos on YouTube and promote to your target audience through paid ads.

    5. Create new social sites. As an offshoot of your core social sites, set up pages that specifically promote your new mobile app. (Then see No. 4 above.)

    6. Run mobile ads. Promoting your mobile app directly on smartphones and tablets, where the app will be used, can reap huge rewards (and downloads) and will probably get you more bang for your buck than other advertising methods.  Apple iAds, Google AdMob and ValueClicks Greystripe offer a variety of ad styles and solutions that work on the many different devices, platforms and carriers that come into the mix. Earlier this year, Google launched the more intuitive App Promotion Ad that is available to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns subscribers. It is easy to use and will only promote your ad on the platforms you support.

    7. Create a How-To Guide on SnapGuide. KISSmetrics recently ran a post on this up and coming platform that caters to the creation of, well, how-to guides, and why it’s a good fit for mobile app developers. Snapguides are designed to be short and sweet and are easy to share. Read the full KISSmetrics post about using Snapguide to promote your mobile app here.

    8. Take advantage of mobile app tools. MobileDevHQ is a tool that is designed to “Drive High Quality Downloads through App Store Optimization” (like SEO, but for mobile apps), help with keyword selection so you get found in the App Store and Google Play, plus it can provide rankings vs. your competition. Flurry is another mobile analytics option that can help you target your ads and give you intelligence to help identify key behaviors and habits to fine tune and more efficiently use your ad spend.

    These are just a few ways you can get the word out and do it wisely. If you’re looking for help getting your mobile app development off the ground, Infovision can help. We offer a wide variety of technology solutions to help your business maintain its competitive edge.


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  • Mobile Apps_115239742Some of the most popular mobile apps are those that help people run their lives more efficiently. For entrepreneurs, who often manage their businesses far away from a traditional office, there are an endless number of mobile apps now available to help them stay ahead of the competition, by either mobile phone or tablet. The mere fact that the entrepreneur doesn’t need to be sitting at a desk to manage his or her business can help save time and ultimately boost profits.

    Check out these mobile apps for small businesses and entrepreneurs, arranged into categories.

    Finance and Accounting

    • Keep your financial books in order with QuickBooks.
    • Accept payments with your smartphone and a plug-in card reader with Square.
    • View financial accounts, budgets and transaction history with Mint.
    • Store payment and loyalty cards and make payments using your smartphone with Google Wallet.
    • Track business expenses, mileage and scan receipts with Expensify.
    • Synch financial accounts and track cash flow with InDinero.
    • Manage timesheets, project plans and spreadsheets with Office Time.

    Document and Asset Management

    • Store and share documents, images, videos and more with Dropbox.
    • Integrate Microsoft Office® documents, spreadsheets and PDFs without losing original formatting with Office to Go.
    • Organize, store, and share your text, images and voice notes with Evernote.
    • Import, edit and store most any type of file with Google Drive.
    • Store data and files, access information and manage permissions on the go with Box.
    • Fill out forms, record audio, take photos, get signatures and create high-quality CAD sketches with FormMobi.
    • Manage business and personal projects and events with Asana.


    • Send and receive voice calls, video calls and instant messages while organizing your contacts in one convenient spot with SkypeTM.
    • Set up, host and attend meetings with WebExTM.
    • Publish your company’s news, events and special offers to multiple online and social sites with LocalVox.
    • Share contact information, images and other files by bumping phones with another app user with the networking app Bump.
    • Manage appointments (schedule, reschedule, cancel) and automatically communicate changes to customers via email or text with Appointment Plus.

    Customer Service

    • Track, evaluate and respond to customer service issues; communicate with customers through multiple channels (social, email, chat, phone, etc.); and keep customer contact information in one spot with Desk.
    • Connect customers to customer service reps, other customers and manufacturer reps with the feedback app Get Satisfaction MobileTM.


    • Track all of your trip arrangements (flights, rental car, hotel) and get weather, maps and directions at your travel destination with TripIt.
    • Avoid getting stuck in traffic with Waze.
    • Get maps, directions and more with Google Maps.

    Prices, subscriptions and supported platforms vary from app to app so check your favorite app store for these gems and thousands of others. If you have a favorite app you use to manage your small business, we’d love to hear about it – please share yours in the comments section below.

    If your business offers products and services for small business owners, think about how your solutions can be translated or enhanced and consider looking into mobile application development with Infovision. We specialize in mobile business solutions and mobile app development for AndroidTM, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry platforms along with a host of other enterprise technology solutions.

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  • Mobile Hospital app_95887264Are you looking to develop a mobile app for your hospital or health system or a mobile application developer looking to build a great app for a hospital client? Building a hospital app that patients love and will continue to use can be successfully done if you approach the app-building process the right way.

    The hospital apps that currently exist tend to fall into three categories: marketing tools, internal tools (not for patients) and interactive. People don’t download hospital apps so they can get your marketing information (if they do, they probably won’t keep the app for long). According to a 2011 study by CPM Marketing Group, patients are looking for interactive hospital apps that offer solutions. Your app can still be an extension of the hospital’s brand but it should function more as a customer service tool.

    Here are a few tips to help you create the next, great hospital mobile app.

    1. Do your research. Ask your patients or potential future patients what they would like to see in a mobile app. Create a quick online survey available on your website or include a printed survey in your community newsletter.

    2. Identify your solutions. What questions or problems does a patient have that you could help solve with an app? Here are a few solutions that have been incorporated into other great hospital apps:

    • ER Wait Times
    • Clinic Wait Time
    • Closest Facility
    • Facility Locator
    • Maps and Directions
    • Schedule an Appointment
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Medication Reminders
    • Physician Finder
    • Contact a Practitioner (email, phone or text)
    • News and Event Alerts
    • Imaging and Lab Results
    • Secure Location for Your Information (emergency contacts, medication, insurance, providers, allergies, etc.)

    3. Be unique. Your hospital app should offer at least one thing that your main website does not offer. If your app can offer solutions that other hospital apps in your service area don’t provide, even better.

    4. Consider being service line specific. You might want to consider developing one main hospital app and other apps that are specific to individual service lines. For example, if you have a fantastic diabetes management program, you could create an app exclusively dedicated to diabetes. If you want to focus attention on your pediatrics program consider an exclusive pediatrics app and include fast access to information on how to treat common childhood ailments, pre-office visit (poison ivy, dog bite, pink eye, mosquito bite, chicken pox, etc.) and a one-click link to the nearest poison control center.

    5. Make it easy to use. If your app has too many hoops to jump through, people won’t continue using it. Try to keep clicks to a minimum whenever possible.

    6. Go easy on health information. According to the same CPM Marketing Group study, health information ranked a distant third on survey respondents list of desires for a hospital mobile app. There are thousands of websites (including your hospital’s website) that are great places to research health conditions, and people prefer to use a laptop or tablet for research. People typically use their smartphones and mobile apps to simplify their lives, not to perform research.

    If your hospital or health system is looking for hospital mobile application development, Infovision can help. We specialize in mobile business solutions and mobile app development for AndroidTM, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry platforms along with a host of other enterprise technology solutionsContact an Infovision representative for details.

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