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  • IT staffingRecently, it seems like every job search website and magazine has published some kind of survey about the state of IT staffing solutions. While each survey tends to have its own focus, there are some clear trends in staffing solutions that can be garnered from the responses of job seekers, IT hiring managers, and top IT staffing firms. Those trends include:

    • An increased focus on core skills and the ability to apply those skills to tightly-managed projects.
    • Increased compensation for candidates with sought-after skills – and more competition for the best jobs.
    • More use of social media as a recruiting tool (97% already use LinkedIn, 51% say they plan to add Facebook, and 49% say they plan to use Twitter).

    One of the big challenges ahead, according to multiple surveys of all three groups, is the need to help existing clients recruit contingent workers outside of their home state(s) – which is one reason why top IT staffing firms like InfoVision offer more than just contingent IT staffing solutions. In fact, InfoVision is proud to be an award-winning IT staffing firm as well as a resource development organization (RDO) that can deliver a turn-key solution from an on or off-short development lab. Read more

  • IT spending is big business.  How big?  Forrester Research projects that by the end of this year, spending on IT services will hit $3.8 trillion, with projected growth of 8.3% in 2013.  Gartner Research says that 350 U.S. firms will each invest more than $1 billion in IT during 2013.

    What’s driving this spending trend?  Much of the money is going towards the big four: cloud, mobile, social, and data analytics. Even as spending on hardware and software grows, companies remain cautious about hiring full-time, permanent employees.

    IT staff are being asked to design and develop new applications, support and upgrade existing infrastructure, and keep up with new technologies.  No wonder we’re constantly being asked to find highly skilled IT professionals with expertise in project management, analytics, and development – especially developers who can step in on short notice to help IT departments meet enterprise mobile, social networking and data center/warehousing requirements. Read more

  • When faced with making staffing decisions for a looming technology project, it’s time to consider whether to hire a full-time employee or utilize your existing staff. However, there is a third option that shouldn’t be overlooked: partner with a firm to fill your staffing needs with a consultant. Below are just a few of the benefits that companies can realize by bringing on a skilled, hand-picked consultant.
    Read more